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What is covered?

A Homeowner’s policy covers more than just your home. Selecting the right coverage levels for personal property, outbuildings, medical payments, liability, and more, ensures you’re adequately covered in the event of a serious weather event or other major loss.

Some coverages get overlooked.

It’s not uncommon for certain coverages to be overlooked in a homeowners policy. We do our best to educate you on all that is available and make recommendations based on your unique situation. For example, jewelry, fine arts, firearms, sports equipment, silverware, and other collectibles have policy limits. At Eckburg, we help you itemize these valuables to ensure you have coverage above and beyond the built-in policy limit.

If you’re worried about a wet basement, remember that water is excluded on every home policy. Considering a Water Backup and Sump Pump Failure coverage provide you with options in case of unexpected water damage.

Not-so-fun fact: In the Stateline area, severe storms are common. If a tornado destroys 60% of your home and the other 40% remained unharmed, some communities will require you to bulldoze your entire home. Without Building Ordinance Coverage, your insurance company may not pay to replace the “good” portion of your dwelling, leaving you responsible for the remaining 40% of the bulldozed portion out-of-pocket! This can also apply to roofing materials after a hailstorm, wiring changes after a lightning strike, and copper plumbing after a burst pipe.

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    Ken C., customer since 2012

    Ken C., customer since 2012