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There are many coverages to consider when managing a non-profit. Non-profit Package policies will always include General Liability, which addresses on-premises incidents like slips and falls. If the non-profit organization offers advice, it’s also advisable to add Counseling Services coverage to the Professional Liability portion of the package.

Many non-profits employ individuals just as any other for-profit organization. Those individuals must be covered under Workers Compensation.

Some non-profits lease space or own their own building(s) and/or have delivery vehicles. To ensure the non-profit is fully covered, Property coverage and Commercial Auto coverage are two additional coverages to explore.

Finally, each non-profit organization should have a comprehensive Directors and Officers (D&O) policy to protect its board members who are usually serving on the governing board as volunteers. A good D&O policy will protect its board members for life.

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    Ken C., customer since 2012