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What might be covered on a Business Property policy?

There are many types of business properties; each demand different needs as they relate to insurance. If your type of business property is not listed below, connect with one of our experts and we’ll help find just what you need for your property.

Building: If you own your own building, you will want to insure it. Make sure you’re covered against fires, tornados, hail, broken pipes, and other perils that could cause you financial harm.

Buildings can be insured for the cost of reconstructing an identical structure. Or, they can be insured for market value. Often, it’s insured for somewhere in between.

Business Personal Property: If your business has contents that stay on premises at all times, make sure to insure them. This might include computer equipment, office furniture, a skid mover, inventory, or even employee personal property susceptible to damage by a business fire or other disaster. Most policies allow items within 100 feet of the address on the policy to be insured under this coverage.

Business Personal Property of Others: If you store property for a customer on premises, this is a very important coverage. For example, if your business repairs items that are left for service, customers need to know their property is insured if your business suffers a loss.

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Some insurance companies base their property rates on national disasters, like forest fires and hurricanes. Why should you pay for what happens elsewhere? We’ll provide the guidance to get the insurance you need and nothing more. Request a quote

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    Ken C., customer since 2012