Additional Insurance

There’s more than just home, auto, and business.

Everyone knows they need home and auto coverage, but there are other lines of insurance that could be equally as important.

Types of Additional Insurance

Life: A life insurance policy is most important when you have loved ones that need your support or you personally have loans and liabilities that others would have to pay.

Umbrella: Do you have a great amount of assets you need to protect? An Umbrella is a form-following policy that kicks in when your home or auto liability is exhausted.

Boat: Covering your watercraft can be just as important as covering your auto.

Identity Protection: Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America. Adding this endorsement to your Homeowners policy can cost less than $25 per year.

Jewelry: Mysterious Disappearance is not a covered peril under most Homeowners policies. Scheduling your jewelry items individually will provide you with this important coverage, and after a loss, there is no deductible.

Water Backup and Sump Pump Failure coverage: Most home policies do not cover water that enters your property through the sump pump pit or the sewer line. This coverage could be a “must-have” for someone with a finished basement.