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Structuring the right package

For businesses that are ineligible for a BOP, a Commercial Package allows you to pick and choose the must-have coverages your business needs. Many businesses only care about Liability coverages. For example, a small, one-man contractor might only be concerned with a policy that protects his customers if he damages their property. A larger contractor may also want Liability coverage, but will need to consider Property coverage his computer equipment, CAD software, and office furniture as well.

Contractors: Contractors needs to be covered not only when they are liable for damage, but for their equipment they take away from their residence or office to job sites.

Non-profits: Similar to a for-profit business, non-profits need workers compensation and property coverage. Additionally, a non-profit should have Directors & Operators (D & O) coverage to protect volunteer board members.

Manufacturers: Coverage for a manufacturing business goes beyond what happens in the plant. A good policy will extend liability to its products once they’ve left the premises.

Auto Repair: Also known as “Garagekeepers” coverage, these policies keep an auto repair shop covered for damage to a car they do not own while it is being fixed in their shop.

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