When the river rises


The Rock River Valley is called a valley for a reason. In recent years, there have been plenty of rough storms that have damaged property in a number of ways. If you’ve been reading our blogs, you already know that water is the most damaging peril, or cause of loss, that the insurance industry experiences.

A great example of how quickly water can damage property was the recent storm we had on June 18, 2018 in Rockford. Several areas of town experienced flash flooding, most notably Charles St., Guilford Rd., and State St. Some local heroes even had to come to the rescue and help a man out of his car at the Schnucks parking lot off Charles St.

I know what you’re thinking: Charles St. is not near the river. How could the flooding have been that bad? Flooding can happen anywhere, and the June 18 storm is a perfect example of that.

Most people don’t realize that homeowners insurance never covers flood, or surface water entering a home. In relation to water, a homeowners policy covers (1) a sudden discharge from a pipe, and (2) water that comes up through the sump pump (if the policy has water backup coverage). Notice that flooding is not included anywhere on that list. The only way your property would be covered if rainwater entered your home would be if you have a flood policy.

Flood insurance might not be right for everyone, but it is likely that if you buy a home near a river or body of water the mortgage company will require you to purchase flood insurance to protect their interest on the home. Flood insurance is part of the Federal Flood Insurance Program and insured by the federal government. It covers the following:

  • Your home and foundation
  • HVAC items
  • Electrical & plumbing systems
  • Debris removal
  • Personal property (if selected) such as appliances, clothing, and furniture

Eckburg Insurance Group has carriers who use this federal program, and can assist you if you think you might need protection from rising waters.

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